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A family owned and operated company based in Gracemere, central Queensland, EWSQ provide sustainable  waste managment solutions. 

Call EWSQ today for a personalised quote or queries on waste management.

Environmental Waste Services Queensland (EWSQ) is a family owned and operated company based in Gracemere, central Queensland. We operate across all surrounding areas, including Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Gladstone.

As a family company, our friendly service and belief in going above and beyond to serve your needs is at the core of our operating model. In addition, our experienced team undertake the latest in industry-specific and health and safety training to ensure our service level remains high and we have no on-site incidents - making sure our family and community arrive home safe each evening remains a priority for our executive team.

Established in July 2014 as a cost-effective and efficient disposal site and transfer station, we have grown from accepting waste from smaller jobs to now partnering with some of the largest construction and demolition sites in Central Queensland. We believe our strengths include our strong commitment to high-quality service for every client, operational excellence and responsible stewardship of our waste facility.

In partnership with our clients, we have grown our business to best meet their needs. We have brought our belief that no two jobs are the same, and our clients have brought their site knowledge to ensure they have an easy, safe and sustainable way to dispose of their business waste.

EWSQ Gracemere environmental waste disposal, Scrap Metal Waste

Working with EWSQ starts with a no-obligation, no-hassle conversation with a member of our experienced team about your waste management needs, where we will develop a solution that fits your construction site and offer a quote to reflect how we can help. We have worked across large and small jobs and we are confident that we have a solution that fits your needs. Call us today on (07) 4913 5300. 

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