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EWSQ can take care of your concrete and metal waste disposal from your construction site today

Call EWSQ today for a personalised quote or queries on waste management.

EWSQ Gracemere, provide a variety of waste material disposal from plastic and glass to concrete and metal for projects across Central Queensland.

 We pride ourselves on being able to provide safe and environmentally friendly options for recycling and disposing of construction waste. We have disposal facilities including a weighbridge and disposal site to take care of all the materials that need to be removed from your construction site. Get in touch with the EWSQ team today and discuss how we can create a waste management plan for your site that will reduce costs, manage your waste in an environmentally safe way and that is sustainable.

EWSQ Concrete Waste Disposal

EWSQ have developed a way to be able to efficiently dispose of concrete including reinforced concrete, block form concrete and other rock forms, such as brick. We understand that concrete is heavy and bulky and as a result, can cost a lot to dispose of at a traditional landfill. That’s why we at EWSQ have provided a more cost-effective and environmentally safe solution.

Since we are the experts in all things waste disposal, we know that concrete can actually be broken up without losing its strength and elemental make up. So, we know how to look for opportunities to divert concrete from the landfill. Our approach is both practical and sustainable as it removes the bulky waste from your work site and it ensures that there are future opportunities to reuse the materials from your site to create the buildings of tomorrow.

EWSQ Gracemere Environmental waste disposal, construction waste

EWSQ Metal Waste Disposal

EWSQ are also able to dispose of and recycle metal from your construction site. We can discuss how to haul away metal from your site or facility and organise the delivery of the scrap metals to our disposal site. Once we receive your metal scrapes at our facility we sort and package it for reuse or future recycling. Here at EWSQ, we accept both ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals, which makes us your number one stop shop for all metal disposal and removal.

EWSQ Gracemere Environmental waste disposal, construction waste

Why Choose EWSQ For Your Concrete and Metal Disposal?

EWSQ can help create your waste management plan that will help you reduce costs and provide an environmentally-sound service that fits your specific site needs. We have a reputation for being the experts in the concrete and metal waste disposal industry as we have worked with hundreds of industrial, construction and demolition clients providing them with an excellent waste disposal service for materials such as metal, concrete, plastic and glass and more.

EWSQ Gracemere Environmental waste disposal, construction waste

Contact Us

Trust Environmental Waste Services Queensland with your next job. We service areas in Central Queensland including Gracemere, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Gladstone. Get in touch with us on (07) 4913 5300 for all your concrete and metal waste disposal needs.

Contact EWSQ today on (07) 4913 5300 or email us for a no-obligation quote on safe removal and disposal of your construction or demolition waste.

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