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EWSQ can create a waste disposal plan for your construction site and take care of your recyclable waste today

Call EWSQ today for a personalised quote or queries on waste management.

EWSQ based in Gracemere is dedicated to providing environmentally sustainable disposal of recyclable waste from construction and demolition jobs.

Here at Environmental Waste Services Queensland, we support efficient and environmentally sustainable waste disposal. We believe that recycling construction waste products such as glass, concrete, plastic and metal, can not only be a better choice for the environment by avoiding landfills but it can also be a fiscally smart idea. We can help you create your next waste disposal plan that will reduce costs, divert waste from landfill and is sustainable for your construction site. Get in touch today to find out how you can reduce expenses on your site by recycling with EWSQ.

EWSQ are the Recycling Experts

A lot of people find recycling confusing, especially when it comes to the types of materials can actually be reused. However, here at EWSQ, we’re the experts in recycling. We know that some materials are veterans of the recycling process, for example, copper. Copper can be recycled time and time again. Although some materials aren’t as resistant, like paper for example. Paper can only be recycled a maximum of five times before it needs to be disposed of in a landfill. This is due to the fibres in the material becoming shorter and not having the same integrity as it did when it was first recycled. We can make the process of recycling simple for your construction site.

EWSQ Gracemere environmental waste disposal, scrap metal

What materials are recyclable at EWSQ?

EWSQ accepts a wide range of recycled materials, including glass, cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminium cans. We know that the construction industry is responsible for more than half of all waste produced worldwide, and we are committed to doing our part to make sure the industry stays sustainable and responsible in waste disposal.

Unfortunately, we do not accept household waste or hazardous waste, for example, oil or asbestos. The ability to dispose of this waste requires a specialist facility and staff to ensure that the waste is disposed of safely and does not contaminate the ground. As part of our conversation to assess your waste management needs, we can provide some names of nearby hazardous waste sites should your company need that support.

EWSQ Gracemere environmental waste disposal, construction waste

Why Choose EWSQ For Your Recycling Needs?

We will work in partnership with you to find the method of waste material removal from your site that works best for you and is most efficient, making sure we remain environmentally sustainable and reduce the amount of landfill waste. We also look for any opportunities we can to reduce your disposal fees and develop a tailored plan for each job to ensure you are complying with local regulations and don't pay for a service that you don't need.

EWSQ Gracemere environmental waste disposal, construction waste

Contact EWSQ

Trust Environmental Waste Services Queensland with your next job. We service areas in Central Queensland including Gracemere, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Gladstone. Get in touch with us on (07) 4913 5300 for all your waste disposal needs.

Contact EWSQ today on (07) 4913 5300 or email us for a no-obligation quote on safe removal and disposal of your construction or demolition waste.

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