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EWSQ located in Gracemere QLD provide a wide range of waste management and disposal services.

Call EWSQ today for a personalised quote or queries on waste management.

Environment Waste Services Queensland recycle and dispose of demolition and construction waste using sustainable solutions.

Environment Waste Services Queensland provide a wide variety of construction waste disposal options. Our aim is to be able to support sustainable waste disposal that is efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We accept demolition materials such as concrete, plastic, metal, glass and more. As an environmental waste service, our priority is to be able to divert material waste from landfills as much as possible and recycle.

Here at EWSQ, we know that half of the world’s waste going to landfill is due to the construction industry. We aim to do our part to be able to provide industrial, construction and demolition clients with waste management plans to be able to do our part for the environment.

EWSQ Waste Disposal Services

Here at EWSQ, we can recycle and dispose of a wide variety of demolition materials such as concrete, glass, plastic and metal. We’re the experts of material waste disposal, so we know how to handle your waste. For example, when recycling concrete, we break up the concrete to be able to remove this bulky waste from your work site. This approach is practical and sustainable as it removes waste but also means this concrete can be used again for future construction.

When it comes to recycling plastic, we know that there’s a lot of confusion. At EWSQ, we make it easy for you. Just like recycling your drink bottles at home, we follow the resin code information to sort your demolition plastic to be able to take it to a recycling facility, so it’s off your site and out of your mind. Metal and glass can also be tricky to sort out when you have a busy demolition project to focus on. We’ll organise to remove these materials from your site and sort them to be able to recycle as much as possible.

EWSQ Gracemere environmental waste disposal

Why Choose EWSQ For Your Waste Disposal Needs?

When hiring EWSQ to manage your waste, you’re hiring experts to provide you with real solutions on your construction site. Our facilities include a weighbridge and disposal site to ensure that your waste is being disposed of safely and effectively. We have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with the waste management plan tailored to your site to make waste disposal easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Get in touch today to discuss what we can do to solve your demolition waste disposal problems.

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Contact Us

Trust Environmental Waste Services Queensland with your next job. We service areas in Central Queensland including Gracemere, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Gladstone. Get in touch with us on (07) 4913 5300 for all your material waste disposal needs.

Contact EWSQ today on (07) 4913 5300 or email us for a no-obligation quote on safe removal and disposal of your construction or demolition waste.

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